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The heartfelt and timely assistance my family received from BCLTRT  in the wake of the devastating Bastrop wildfire, has made a lasting and positive impact on us . It has opened our eyes to the generous nature of our neighbors .  In this time of internal conflict and political upheaval in America , the example set by the Team at BCLTRT  is a reminder of the generous nature of our citizens that at times may appear hidden , yet manages to continue moving forward for the good of our community .  We WILL pay your kindness forward.

Thank you! You have changed our lives

Dennis, Hannah , and Michael 

Homeowner - Hidden Pines Fire

I would like to thank everyone for all the help I received from BCLTRT.  I never felt alone in this transition and I am forever indebted. BCLTRT has continued to follow up with me to insure that all is well with us and to inquire to see if we need anything.  


Thank you!

Rita ~ Homeowner - Hidden Pines Fire

AND thank you again... I love my home!!  And feel like MYSELF again!!!!  That was a rough time for me in more ways than just the physical scene.  But you guys really are awesome.... Thank you SOOO much again! 

Homeowner - Hidden Pines Fire 

I really didn't know where to start. There was water everywhere and my house looked like I would never be able to live there again. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and getting me back in my house.

Homeowner - 2016 Memorial Day Floods 

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